THE CAVALIER IN FACT AND FANCY BOOK!!! Brand New!!! Only $150 free shipping in the Continental USA!!!! wonderful gift!!

This amazing book is highly sought after. It is the cavalier Bible for most show breeders, and cavalier lovers. This book has been out of print for at least 10 years! It’s absolutely exquisite, coffee table book. It has the most amazing gorgeous photos of Cavaliers, and the history of the Cavaliers. As well as information on buying a puppy, and show dogs! If you are a cavalier lover you will really love this book!It is sought after, and almost impossible to find.

I was fortunate enough to acquires quite a few of these books! The price on the books are $150 that includes shipping! In Contus USA. All books are brand new! If you’re interested please email me at This would make a wonderful gift all Cavalier lovers!

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